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"Aerobatics is the practice of flying maneuvers that include attitudes that are not used in normal flight. An airshow performance consists of a series of planned precision aerobatic maneuvers according to an approved airshow sequence within a designated airspace that is the end result of extensive practice and preparation. Every maneuver is planned to elicit maximum spectator enjoyment while ensuring the safety of all concerned.

To enhance the effect of aerobatic maneuvers smoke is sometimes generated. The smoke allows viewers to see the path traveled by the aircraft.  The smoke is not a result of combustion but is produced by the vaporization of smoke oil into an aerosol mist by injecting the oil into the hot engine exhaust. The oil is a mineral oil with a paraffin base and is non toxic."

 Wings Over Natchitoches Air Show Set for October 14th 

Static Aircraft Display & Aerobatic Air Show



NATCHITOCHES—Wings Over Natchitoches, Inc., a charitable corporation in cooperation with Natchitoches Regional Airport, invites you to attend ‘Wings Over Natchitoches’ on Saturday, October 14th.  This family friendly event will feature nationally recognized performers in “the Best Southern Small Town in America” according to USA Today.


‘Wings Over Natchitoches’ will take place on Saturday, October 14th at the Natchitoches Regional Airport located at 450 Wallenberg Drive. 


Attendees are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and plenty of sunscreen.  An adult must accompany all children.  (Alcohol, ice chests, and pets are strictly prohibited.)  Admission and parking are free. Concessions and memorabilia will be available at the event.


A private Hangar Dinner and Twilight Air Show is open to sponsors and Friends of Wings Over Natchitoches on October 13th.  The dinner will be catered starting at 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. 


Did You Know?


  • A cooperative working relationship with the City of Natchitoches and Northwestern State University enables 'Wings Over Natchitoches' to ensure that a free event is staged for the public….no admission and no parking fees!

  • Community minded sponsors and Friends of WON contribute the funding and NSU volunteers along with the City of Natchitoches enable a top-notch production!

  • A major portion of revenues in excess of expenses are directed to the direct benefit of NSU! Any remaining funds are used to improve and grow future air show productions.

  • Wings Over Natchitoches (WON) is a member of the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS). ICAS demands its members operate with the highest level of safety, professionalism and integrity. ICAS was founded in 1967 and provides a wealth of instructional and information resources for members to achieve the stated mission.

  • Kimberly Voorhies is a NSU senior fulfilling an internship by working with Wings Over Natchitoches. Kimberly is a senior and is working through the Hospitality and Tourism program at NSU. She is involved in every aspect of the production and has personally planned significant portions of the Twilight Air Show Dinner and spectator accommodations.

  • Northwestern provides over 150 NSU students to participate! They will be seen in almost every aspect of the event. This includes, but is not limited to, Vehicle and Crowd Control, Concessions Staff, Twilight Air Show Catering, Entertainment, Pilot Assistants, and Waste Removal.

  • Wings Over Natchitoches has one of the leanest operations of any air show organization in the nation! The five Board members consist of three pilots, the Airport Director and the Airport Manager. Of the three pilots, one serves as Air Boss, one serves as Show Announcer and Producer, and the third manages all financial affairs and logistics. With almost every other air show organization, the jobs of Air Boss, Announcer, and Spectator Services are contracted through third parties! This lean operating structure maximizes the ability of WON to provide the highest quality entertainment that is free to the public.

  • Air shows are expensive! The AeroShell act alone costs $14,000! The typical headliner act is $10,000. In addition, supporting infrastructure, insurance, fuel, smoke oil and personnel must be provided! The show you will enjoy will cost more than $50,000!

  • FAA personnel will be on site at the air show to ensure compliance with all air show requirements. A safety briefing will be held prior to each show followed by an inspection of all performing aircraft. Emergency response is tested and timed prior to the show in the event of an incident.

  • A children’s activity area will be on site and will offer photo-ops with the Wings Over Natchitoches official little person scaled airplane! In addition, games, face painting, and other entertainment will add to the enjoyment.

  • WON prepares and sells ‘all’ concession food offerings to keep the quality high and the prices low! No outside vendors! All proceeds go to support the show and NSU!