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Introducing the 2017 Performers!

Welcome Jason Newburg!

The Viper is an airshow aircraft designed to entertain and leave a lasting impression. 

Using the Pitts S2S as a foundation, The Viper has taken all the years of aircraft evolution and wrapped it into one exhilaration machine.

Custom built to performance specifications, powered by a Lycoming engine and a MT propeller and coated in premium PPG paint, The Viper dazzles and shines with heart stopping performance.

"First formed in 1985, the AeroShell Aerobatic Team is the longest running civilian aerobatic team in North America. Flying their iconic white, red and black North American AT-6 Texans, the team is renowned for their professional airmanship, billowing smoke systems and can-do attitudes. During three decades of performing, the team's four-ship formation has included several different skilled pilots: Steve Gustafson, Alan Henley, Mark Henley, Ben Cunningham, Gene McNeely, Bryan Regan, Jimmy Fordham, and Morris Ray. The team's talent and popularity as air show entertainers has been recognized with the air show community's two most prestigious performer awards: the Art Scholl Showmanship Award and the Bill Barber Award for Showmanship."

Welcome Jim Risher!

Sure to be a heck of a ride; the Russian Sukhoi sports a 9 cylinder radial engine with a huge 3 blade propeller that is unparalleled in both performance and sound.

The plane is equipped with a great smoke system that puts out a ton of smoke and makes it easy for the crowd to follow the plane through all its fast paced gyrations.

It draws long vertical lines, has almost unbelievable vertical penetration, and will include many rolling, looping, and tumbling elements that showcase the awesome performance of this airplane and leaves the crowd amazed. Because of the rarity of this aircraft, the unmatched performance, and the best sounding engine in the business, this act is always a crowd favorite.


Welcome Charlotte's Chariot II!

Paint scheme in tribute to Cary Salter of the 354th Fighter Group. 9th Air Force, known as the “Pioneer Mustang Group” for having been the first fighter group to receive the P-51 for combat assignment. 


Engine type:

Single 1695 hp Packard Merlin V1650-7 V12 piston engine


Max Speed:



Welcome Frank Kimmel!

Frank was born to a farming and crop dusting family in the Mississippi Delta. He started taking flying lessons from his father at the age of 14.

Since then Frank has accumulated over 15,000 flying hours and holds an airline transport pilot's license and commercial pilot's license in Australia, Brazil, and South Africa.

Among the 15,000 flying hours, Frank accumulated over 8,000 hours flying agricultural aircraft and has logged time in 52 different makes and models of aircraft.

Frank flies the popular war bird AT-6 Texan and demonstrates the capability of this time honored WWII classic. Thousands of Army, Navy, and Air Force pilots learned how to defend our country in this advanced trainer.

Welcome Pacific Fighter Group!

This Curtiss N-model P-40 was originally constructed in Buffalo, New York, in 1943. More than 12,000 P-40s were built during World War II by the 40,000 employees at Curtiss. 105861 was shipped to the Army Air Force at San Diego in August, 1943.


From California it was assigned to the 5th Air Force in the Southwest Pacific Theater, and from there assigned to the 49th Fighter Group in New Guinea. The aircraft was used by the 49th F.G. for the rest of 1943 and into 1944 to aid in forcing the Japanese out of New Guinea and the other islands in the area.  As the Japanese retreated toward the Philippines to the North, the P-40s were left behind on the jungle airstrips in favor of newer fighters being introduced such as the P-38 and P-51, both with better range and speed.

Welcome Jeremy Holt!

Jeremy will be flying a Pitts

model 12 with a 420HP radial engine on the front. We call it the Pitts

Pegasus! This sucker will produce lots of smoke with a great radial sound! Sure to be exciting for the whole family!

Welcome Col. Dave Leedom!

Col. Dave Leedom brings the excitement of his Aerotec Pitts S-2A!

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