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Wings Over Natchitoches, Inc. is a non-profit charitable and educational organization formed under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code by a group of aviation enthusiasts. The organization promotes aviation, aviation history, and careers in aviation through a cooperative relationship with the City of Natchitoches, private enterprise and interested individuals. All funding is provided through donations by business and individuals. All funding is used to stage historical aircraft exhibits relevant to education, aerobatic demonstrations, and static exhibits to promote broad community involvement, and educational career camps for high school students. The organization welcomes the support and involvement of all those who have a passion for any aspect of aviation.

Mike Hilton, President        Barry Guillet, Vice President

Stanley Salter, Secretary/Treasurer          Edd Lee, Airport Director        Larry Cooper, Airport Manager

The Wings Over Natchitoches logo was inspired by the U.S. Air Force wings of Curtis Guillet, the father of Barry Guillet. Curtis was a certificated pilot at the time of entering his military service, as a result, he flew 'and instructed' in the P-51 Mustang while serving his country. After his military service, Curtis was a significant part of the aviation community in Natchitoches until his passing. Today, Curtis' wings hang in Barry's office and were  adapted to use as the Wings Over Natchitoches logo with the shield being changed to reflect the 1714 founding of Natchitoches by the French.

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